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Gutters, Soffit & Fascia

Our experienced team can install a variety of gutters, soffits, and fascia in different styles, colors, and materials to fit your budget and the aesthetic look you're going for. You'd think that it would be a very simple choice, but there are hundreds to choose from because of the function and capabilities based on the region they are installed in. Bonfe Exteriors will ensure your choice is appropriate for Minnesota's "bi-polar" weather. Read below to learn about why gutters even matter!

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Are Gutters Really Necessary?

The short answer, yes! If you want to protect the integrity of your home's exterior from water damage, and if you want to ensure your sidewalk doesn't become an accident waiting to happen in the icy winters, then you'll want to invest in replacing your gutters! It's more common than you think! Keep your hips and ego intact!

Simply put, when gutters are not present in the winter (or when faulty gutters are not replaced), ice builds up on your sidewalk and driveway because the snowmelt is not otherwise being directed into a safer area. Not only that, large, and dangerously beautiful icicles form; which damages the roof and can also become a health hazard if one were to break off while someone was walking underneath. Yikes!

In the spring and summer, if the water is not properly rerouted it can cause water to build up and cause damage to window sills and even the foundation- which could eventually lead to flooded basements, cracked sidewalks, and driveways.

Gutters can also add beauty and personality to a home if done correctly. Beautiful copper adds an element of richness and luxury. While stark contrasts like black and white can modernize, add interest and even dimension to your home. These small details can truly make your home feel more custom and more, you!

While gutters may look insignificant, they actually play a large role in protecting your home's exterior!

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What is the Purpose of Soffit?

Soffit ultimately helps keep your attic air circulating to prevent moisture which leads to mold which leads to poor air quality and degradation of your home. Quality soffit will also prevent pests from entering into your attic as well. You can choose from wood, aluminum, or vinyl depending on your budget and the look you want to achieve. Wood is easily the most attractive, aluminum is the most durable, and vinyl is the most budget-friendly.

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When do I Need to Update My Fascia?

Fascia is placed on the ends of the soffit, and under the roof shingles to protect water from entering the soffit and to secure the gutters in place. Fascia made of wood can degrade over time. You'll notice paint peeling, it may be chipped, and is susceptible to rot as time passes. If you have vinyl fascia, you'll notice warping and color discoloration as signs it's time for it to be replaced. Not replacing compromised fascia could lead to mold and water leaks into your home, so it is important to have them assessed every 3-5 years by a professional, and especially after a storm.

If you've experienced a severe storm in the last two years, and are concerned that there may be damage to your roofing system, please contact us for a complimentary inspection!

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