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Bonfe Exteriors Uses Cutting Edge Technology To Save You More Money

Bonfe Exteriors sets itself apart from the competition with its licensed use of drones. Because of the higher accuracy of the drones, insurance companies trust the data found more than the data gathered by companies that send their workers on your roof. This means the chances of your claim being approved are higher, your time invested in the process hasn't been for nothing, and you save thousands of dollars.

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Reasons Why Drone Use Is The Superior Method

Most wind and hail damages cannot be seen from ground level and go undetected to the untrained eye - even a trained eye; which is why you can trust our drones to be the most skilled means of assessing your damage. If your roof isn't leaking right now, it may leak soon and cause even further damage and financial stress.

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Drone use means higher insurance approval rates

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Drone use means you're more likely to save thousands of dollars

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Drone use means an efficient, safe, trustworthy and painless inspection

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Drone use means we use strict guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure your privacy is maintained

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Bonfe Exteriors Proven Storm Repair Process (BEPSRP)

Our Bonfe Exteriors Proven Storm Repair Process will ensure that your experience is pleasant and hassle free. You will know exactly what to expect when it comes to the process, the timeline and costs. Our thorough process and consistent communication means you will be in the know of your project from start to finish.

Bonfe Exteriors Proven Storm Repair Process (BEPSRP) Infograph

Step 1

Schedule an Inspection

Our team will come out to your house to inspect the damage when it's convenient for you. In fact, we can do it even while you're away from home. In most cases we will use the drone which will only take 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 2

Discuss Results

We'll discuss the results of our inspection with you in detail either in person or via email that same day so you understand exactly what your options are.

Step 3

File a Claim

It's important to know that filing a claim does not increase your insurance rates. In about 5 minutes, we will assist you in filing your claim. We also have direct links available on our website to many insurance companies to ease the process.

Step 4

Insurance Carrier Inspection

Your insurance company may send out an inspector, but we are finding the use of drones is decreasing the need, because of the accuracy the drones provide.

Call or text us upon receiving the inspection date and time if you would like us to return your call after the inspection to answer any questions. We have found that insurance company inspectors do not prefer a contractor on site during inspection as they see it as an interference which could hurt your chances of approval. We have found it to be more effective to talk to the adjuster if need be, once they have sent your estimate.

Step 5

Wait for Insurance Company

This is often the most frustrating portion of the process for both you and Bonfe Exteriors because we cannot speed along this portion of the process. However, we are always available to answer any questions that arise.

Once you have received your adjuster's estimate, please forward it to Joe@bonfeexteriors.com

Step 6

Estimate Evaluation

At this point, your process can go one of two ways.

1) If the insurance company is not willing to cover a fair amount for the work to be done, Bonfe Exteriors will contact your insurance adjuster to further make a case in order to obtain an increase in the amount of work covered - if you give us the go ahead. It is important you know this process can push out your repairs for months.

2) If the insurance is willing to cover what we feel is a fair amount for the cost of repairs, we will instruct you to contact us once your first check is received.

Step 7

Production Meeting

Once you contact us, if you would like to upgrade any of your materials, we will go over your material and color options as well as provide you with financing options if necessary!

Step 8

Perform Repair

Depending on the size, your project could be completed in as little as one day. A dumpster will be delivered to your home the morning of or the day prior to the project beginning, and the crew will begin in the morning. If the project is going to take longer than a day, we will give you a schedule so you know exactly what to expect and update you if there are any changes to the schedule. Once the project is completed, the dumpster will then be picked up within the week.

Step 9

Final Walk Through and Invoice

Our contractor will perform a final walk through to ensure excellence was delivered. We will then send a final invoice to your insurance company, which will be sent to you. The funds will be released to you and your mortgage company (if applicable) and then made payable to Bonfe Exteriors.

Protect your largest investment and put your insurance company to work. What do you have to lose but thousands of dollars of your own hard earned money? Schedule a complimentary storm damage assessment as early as today, using our cutting edge technology! Rely on us to help save you money!


Construction With A Heartbeat

Taking your choice to do business with us even further

While our mission as a premier exterior business is to provide you with an excellent end product that will leave you with a renewed sense of pride for your home, our mission doesn't stop there. When you work with Bonfe Exteriors, your money goes further! As a women-owned business, we are committed to donating a portion of our profits to local organizations who are helping women to live empowered lives. As a company, we don't seek to just make a profit, we are committed to impacting our community for the better. People over profit, period.

What Bonfe Exteriors Values

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As a Christ-centered business, you can expect us to work selflessly to ensure you are given an honest, fair price for your project.

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As a woman-owned business, our mission is to donate a portion of our profits to local organizations that help empower and equip women to walk in freedom to pursue their God-given purposes.

Consistent Communication Icon

Consistent Communication

Our signature Bonfe Exteriors Process will ensure that your experience is pleasant and hassle free. You will know exactly what to expect when it comes to the process, timeline and costs. Learn more about our process here.

Purpose | Consistent Communication | Integrity

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