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People-over-profit isn't just a catchy phrase to us; it is our culture! At Bonfe Exteriors, you are the priority. We take it on as our personal mission to help guide you in the life-long journey of aligning with your ever-developing talents, personality, purposes and passions.

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  • Do you want to join a rockstar team where there is ample opportunity to grow yourself, lead others, and move up in a company?
  • Do you take pride in your organizational skills and do others comment on how hospitable and warm you are? Do you enjoy the mix of working independently, but also working collaboratively with a variety of people!
  • Do you find great satisfaction in being the go-to person, the MVP or Jack/Jill-of-all-trades?
  • Do you enjoying problem solving, checking off to-do lists, and teaching tips and tricks to others to help them become more efficient and impactful with their work?
  • Are you hungry for more than a paycheck from your career? Do you desire to make an impact, and to work with a purpose greater than yourself?
  • Are you wanting your work environment to be more social, authentic, friendly, optimistic and fun?

If you answered YES to the above, read on!


While our mission as a designer exterior business is to provide our customers with a beautiful end product that will leave them with a renewed sense of pride for their home, our mission doesn’t stop there. When our customers work with Bonfe Exteriors, their money goes further! As a woman-owned business, we are committed to donating a portion of our profits to local organizations who are helping women live empowered lives. As a company, we don’t seek to just make a profit; we are committed to impacting our community for the better. People-over-profit, period.

People-over-profit isn’t just a catchy phrase to us; it is our culture! At Bonfe Exteriors, you are the priority. We take it on as our personal mission to help guide you in the life-long journey of aligning with your ever-developing talents, personality, purposes and passions. Some of the ways we facilitate your growth is by co-creating a personal development plan, and offering one to one mentoring with your leader. We believe that when our employees are fully aligned with their design, they excel quickly, experience more fulfillment, and sincerely enjoy coming to work!

Work Hard. Play Hard. Create Impact. All For Christ!

You don’t have to agree with us on the last part to work here, but we are an intense, passionate, purpose-driven group of people! We work hard, but we also like to connect with our peers and play hard! One of our core values is fun; and we believe fun happens when our team members are fully invested in the success of the company and when there is a genuine desire to build relationships. We plan quarterly team-building adventures to facilitate this! We know how vital your role is to the success of our company and want to honor your loyalty and hard work.


  • You find great satisfaction in being a trusted and reliable resource to others, and also like to help the executives to be effective by taking tasks off their plate because you know it will ultimately accelerate the timeline of achieving the companys mission and vision
  • You enjoy having variety in your work and people, and that every day is different!
  • You have some experience with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Email, Scheduling, Customer Service, and enjoy taking part in building the foundation of a business by collaborating with others to create new structures, processes, and procedural documents that will serve as a guide for others for years to come.
  • You look forward to building a relationship with your leader, attending social team events, participating in event planning and execution, networking opportunities, and winning others over to the mission and vision of our company.
  • You understand the power you possess to Bonfe Exteriors success and therefore the impact you will ultimately have on the lives of many women!


  • Be part of an amazing team where you are valued along with other high-performers who work hard and have a ton of fun together.
  • Receive a formal, two to three week onboarding so youll know exactly what to do, and what the expectations are for each assignment.
  • Mentorship and learning from experienced business leaders who will help you become the greatest version of yourself.
  • Be a part of this heart-felt company who is driven by a purpose far beyond the services they directly offer.


  • $25 an hour
  • Hours: P/T (flexible)
  • Location: Little Canada, MN
  • Paid Quarterly Culture Events
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Catered Meals


  • Paid Maternity Leave
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Short Term Disability
  • Accident Coverage
  • Cancer/Specified Disease Coverage
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Hospital Confinement?Indemnity Coverage
  • Life Insurance Coverage


  • Personal vehicle and willingness to drive to meetings or running other important errands
  • Personal phone
  • Personal computer
  • High school diploma or college experience
  • A strong moral compass
  • A commitment to living out the companys core values.

If this sounds like you, and you feel ready to take on an awesome new adventure, connect with us and let us know why you’d be a great fit for the team!

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